Project No. 01

Sebastian Professional

Sebastian Professional / Wella Germany
2021 – 2022

Creative Director

Sebastian Professional / Wella Germany
2021 – 2022

Jennifer Casimiro
Marcel Müller
Daniela Steffen

Creative Direction
Video and Photography
Post Production

Video Productions for Wella / Sebastian Professional

As part of my collaboration with Wella / Sebastian Professional, I have produced content that vividly illustrate the concept of „Cocktailing“.

Sebastian Professional describes „Cocktailing“ as the creative use of their iconic styling products to create countless unique looks. These versatile and blendable products offer limitless possibilities in hairstyling. Liquid tools come together, merge, and complement each other to transform hair into entirely new forms. Texture, volume, and shine combine to create unique, surprising styles. The various product combinations provide an ideal foundation and open up new styling effects.

In one of my productions, Daniela Steffen, Urban Artist DACH at Sebastian Professional and an expert in product cocktailing, discusses the use of the paddle brush and the artful mixing of different products to achieve the perfect hairstyle.